Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Meta Amalolis

At first glance the two images look similar but I was actually stumped on how to solve the problem with the print on their dresses. The first one I lowered the opacity on the print pattern so it wasn't as strong of a focal point than the second image. It started to feel kind of jumbled and messy.

It probably doesn't look like there were any changes but I went and warped the horizontal pattern a little bit so it flows a little better. It doesn't bother me as much and I didn't feel like I destroyed all the work I put into the pattern. I also went and made another one for their socks and I think that also helps in balancing it all out. It sits better overall and I've got opacity for everything at 100%.

Finished the last of the hair so I can quit feeling uneasy about it :P

Starting to work on arms; something I find both fun and frustrating to do.

Ctrl+J has been my favorite shortcut to use on this so far (Copy layer).

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