Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Art Trade w/Rejean - Complete

Sai and Photoshop for this one. Probably would have been all Sai if I hadn't overlayed patterns and texture onto this one. This was mostly an experiment in painting a little differently; keeping some areas in focus while blurring, blending, and/or simplifying colors and shapes for things that were further back. Looking at it now I don't think it's really possible for her to be standing like that without falling over, oh well...she defies logic and gravity :P

I spent less time trying to make things right and went more on what felt right to me. I was off on some things (a friend pointed out earlier that her back leg was shorter than the other) but overall it was a little more fun to play with shapes and not worry so much if things were correct. Will definitely have to try more like this in the future when I'm feeling up to it :3

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