Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Slow progress on this one. I would like to think I am almost done with this but still see areas I can go back and add to. I keep changing the way I work so whenever I come back to something after a long break it can get kind of disorienting. Back in '09 I was working on this and using different layers to keep every element separate in comparison to nowadays in where I work with only one or two at any given time. I had to go and merge everything down to one layer in order to make any sort of progress on this.

Continuing my progression on this one with Darkfong. Had a similar situation in where I felt that in order for me to make any headway on this it meant merging everything down to very few layers. I need to remember to put everything back in its proper order before passing this back to him.

Black and white or color??


Katie said...

Sweet! Love the style here :)

filthy said...

i've seen your works on hef, i love them!